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If you own one of the Versatile breeds come train with us! If you are a novice you will move quickly to your goal of having a companion trained to hunt. If you are an experienced trainer you will have fun imparting your knowledge to those less experienced, and watching their dog blossom as yours has done. Plus it will keep your dog sharp for hunting season. 

  • Handlers should RSVP attendance and place a request for birds with a Training Coordinator prior to the training day.

  • For liability and insurance requirements, after attending two training days, new handlers are expected to join the chapter.

  • Training activities begin at 8:00 a.m. unless otherwise stipulated.

  • All handlers should arrive a half hour prior to the scheduled start time to stake their dog(s), sign up for a training field, pay for their birds, touch base with a Training Coordinator, and be ready for the start of the meeting.

  • See this document for helpful information if you are a first time attendee.

  • No alcohol consumption on premises.

  • Blaze Orange must be worn in the field.

  • Glasses and ear plugs are recommended.

  • Break open shot guns only.

  • Children are welcome and must be supervised/accompanied by an adult at all times.  A child's Blaze Orange must be worn above the waist while in the field during training.

  • Dogs that are not actively training must be in a crate, on a stake, on the chain gang, leashed, or at heel with its owner.

  • Dogs on chain post or chain gang must not exceed the height of the post.

Nov 6 Club Hunt Day
Jan 22 Training Day
Honey Springs
Feb 19 Training Day
Honey Springs
Mar 4 Training Day
Mar 17 - 19 Spring Test
April 2 Rattlesnake Avoidance
East County Large Animal Practice
Apr 16 Training Day
Eagle Peak
May 21 HOK Work Party
June 4 Training Day
June 25 Training Day
Jul 15 Summer Picnic

** Dates and locations subject to change**


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